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Bradleys Tests Your Rotor with Advanced Technology

Rotor Bar Testing

Now offering Surface Rotor Magnetic Field Analysis (sRMFA)! This new technology allows Bradleys to test your rotor bar using precision magnetic field measurements and data processing tools. Each rotor bar is mapped for use in defect detection. sRMFA does not require a functional stator or assembled motor.

  • Testing capabilities can detect partially broken bars or insufficient welds
  • Software utilizes algorithms to detect faults (not solely user defined detections)
  • Detects user-defined casting flaws in die casted rotors
  • Trended for progressing cracks or solder deterioration
  • Utilizes current induction directly into the end rings/rotor bars verses with traditional core tester

Core tester cons:

  • induces current through shaft, or by looping core
  • creates a transformer effect on the rest of the rotor core
  • masks the independent rotor bar magnetic field
  • can create unwanted shorts in the core laminations with insufficient insulation

Bradleys’ state of the art equipment and seasoned professionals ensure your electric motor is repaired and load tested to provide reliable performance for years to come. To learn more, visit

Only Service Center in USA with This Capability

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