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Precise Measurements to Repair, Refinish, Re-Engineer ANY Machine Part

Bradleys’ Faro CMM provides precise measurements of your machine’s parts and tolerances, prior to and after repair. Bradleys’ shop is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified repair facility north of the Harbor Bridge, just minutes away in Gregory, TX.

Our Faro CMM scans in 3D; and is used to inspect parts with complex contours and surfaces. By having a precise color map inspection report comparing the actual to the nominal, Bradleys can quickly see the areas of deviation of the entire object to have a better understanding of what is occurring.

This process dramatically reduces the number of iterations and rework. It helps avoid unforeseen costs for a leaner and faster time to repair or to reverse-engineer a needed part that is no longer manufactured or available.

FARO arm in use
  • Manual & CNC Small to Large Lathes, Mills and more
  • Welding
  • Babbitting
  • Metalizing
  • Re-Engineering

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