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Electrical Testing & Preventative Maintenance

Bradleys’ motor testing capabilities include multiple electrical and mechanical tests. Motor testing is performed for a variety of reasons including detecting shorts between lamination, testing for defective rotor bars, testing motor windings and more. Test results are included in a motor repair report, sent out on applicable motors 100 HP and up, or per Customer requirements.

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Megohmmeter Test - All motor windings are given a megohmmeter test to ground before disassembly, and upon completion of repairs. The minimum acceptable value of insulation resistance in megohms upon completion of rewinding is 100 megohms.
  • Polarization Index Test - All motor windings rated at 2300 volts and above are given a 1 minute vs. 10 minute polarization index test after completion of repairs.
  • Surge Comparison Test - Windings are tested by surge comparison.
  • DC High Potential Test - Is performed on all motors according to NEMA MG-1-2 0.47 and Safety and test procedures are carried out in accordance with NEMA MG-1-3.01.
  • DC Winding Resistance Test - When specified by the customer or otherwise required, this test is given on all like coils, i.e., individual stator, phase grouped stator - A to B, A to C, and B to C. The DC resistance difference between like coils should not vary more than + or - 0.5%.
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