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Climate Controlled Motor Storage


Climate Controlled storage and Preventative Maintenance is a critical part of keeping your spare motors reliable. Bradleys Team inspects and maintains your motors weekly, monthly or quarterly using documented processes controlled by Bradleys Quality Control software. Our climate-controlled motor and equipment storage facility is located in the heart of South Texas’s industrial corridor. Close proximity to highway, rail and port facilities make it the ideal location for your critical motor. With 30,000 square feet and crane capacity of 40 tons, our capability far exceeds any other facility in South Texas. Humidity in our long term storage facility is maintained at 50% or less at the ambient temperature and humidity charts are recorded with tight control for customer review.

  • Eliminates condensate on electrical components
  • Metal protected from rust matrix by removal of moisture
  • Extends the Bradleys' repair warranty to 5 years for any component repaired before entering our climate-controlled storage facility
  • Storage of horizontal or vertical motors or other equipment
  • Stored units available for shipment 24/7, 365 days a year
Monthly Motor Maintenance Provided While in Storage:
  • Meggering (insulation resistance of coils)
  • Shaft Rotations
  • Motors with oil-lubricated bearings stored with oil in reservoirs
  • Maintenance log available for review upon request
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