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Mining Motors & Operations

Photo of Aggregate Mining

Electric motors, generators and pumps are the most integral components to mining and mineral processing. From the most powerful, driving hoists, crushers and mills to the smallest motors, fitted to equipment such as reagent dosing pumps, electric motors keep production moving.

Bradleys is a fully integrated ISO 9001:2015 company founded in 1930 and is still owned and operated by the 5th and 6th generation of the original owners. Our state of the art 110,000 square foot repair facility enables us to repair and test run motors up to 50,000HP.

Reliability is critical: a failed motor or drive on a critical component can stop all production, resulting in several weeks of lost revenue. Bradleys has a full range of vertical and horizontal motor load testing, preventative maintenance, repair and rewinding services to increase reliability and reduce downtime for mining operations.

Load testing your motors and generators, examining the windings and other preventative maintenance measures can extend the life and reliability of your motor. We offer the largest, most technologically advanced electric motor load testing capabilities in the U.S. With load testing capabilities up to 7000HP Horizontal and 5000HP Vertical for motors and VFDs; Bradleys can identify issues with your critical motors and drives before installation or to verify performance, after repair.

Our expertise in load testing, repair and rewinding of motors encompasses many types of mining motors and generators, such as, but not limited to:

  • AC Induction and DC Motors
  • Large Synchronous Motors
  • Crusher Motors
  • Dragline Motors
  • Conveyor Motors
  • Large Vertical Pump Motors
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