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Bradleys is dedicated to preserving our environment for future generations. We are proactive in reducing our environmental waste footprint utilizing source reduction techniques and waste minimization programs maintaining a small quantity generator EPA Status. We manage every aspect of “cradle to grave” for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams.

Bradleys controls the chemicals allowed on site requiring prior approval of the SDS from the Safety Department and the General Manager before the product is purchased. We replace hazardous materials with eco-friendly products whenever possible. Additionally, Customer equipment containing or coated with a suspected hazardous material require an SDS sheet before the equipment is accepted for repair. If these materials are hazardous, they will be returned to the customer per Cradle to Grave.

Bradleys filters air effluent from our Burnout Ovens, and Media Blast and Paint booths. We utilize alarms and other engineering controls to prevent the release of airborne contaminants into the environment. Bradleys’ secured and maintains an Air Permit by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ. Permit by Rule Registration Number: 153636

Bradleys Inc. voluntarily closed the industrial wastewater drain to the City of Gregory, and recycles every drop of industrial water. The ‘spent’ non-hazardous water and solids are sent to a Permitted Disposal Facility per Federal and State Regulations. We also recycle the solvents used in the paint and cleaning applications on-site. Metal, paper, plastic, and batteries are all recycled. All vendors who manage our hazardous waste streams are audited annually including reviewing their State and/Federal Permits.

Bradleys Inc. strives to be a good neighbor. We file Annual Tier II reports and actively implement waste minimization strategies to reduce the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated. All waste streams are disposed per the Federal and State Regulations.

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