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500KVA Core Testing

When rewinding motors, testing is a vital step for corrective maintenance. Core Testing should be performed prior to removing the windings to identify a damaged core iron. After the windings are removed, the core is retested to be sure that any damage didn’t occur while processing in the oven and removing the old winding. If damaged, the motor could run hot, but motor lifespan will be greatly reduced. The motor will generate more heat since it will consume more power to operate normally. Two issues arise when roasting a stator core; the overall core losses increase which makes the motor run hotter and less efficient. The other problem is hot spots, which will shorten the insulation life, thereby reducing the mean time between failures.

Core testing large motors is standard procedure at Bradleys. This advanced technology is state of the art for the industry. With our automated Phenix core tester, motors up to 25,000 HP are tested. Computerized operations record all data permanently and printouts are generated for each test. Core testing is performed efficiently and accurately with calibration specified by the manufacturer. Our equipment is calibrated annually per the manufacturer's recommendations.


500 KVA Core Testing is designed to predict reliability and operating cost of a motor after repair. Core testing is performed to determine if the core iron of your motor has been damaged.

This damage may include:

  • Increased watts/lb losses
  • Shorted laminations
  • Iron rub by rotor/stator
  • Hot spots due to insulation degradation
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